3 Popular Electronic Cigarette Reviews

Electronic cigarettes are, without a doubt, revolutionizing the world and the way people smoke. To many people, it is a healthy alternative to a habit that could otherwise lead to death or serious illness. Electronic cigarettes have made it possible for smokers to avoid the risk of the lung cancer, but still enjoy the look, feel, and taste of smoking a cigarette. Nicotine is optional, but many smokers choose to include some degree of nicotine, thus removing their need for any other source of nicotine. For whatever purpose you might choose to smoke electronic cigarettes, quality is always equally as important. After all, you are spending money, so it’s your right to ensure that you are paying for the best possible product. That’s why we’ve gathered a few reviews of popular electronic cigarettes below.

VaporZone is the first electronic cigarette covered in this review. VaporZone is a 100 percent American electronic cigarette company and brand. The design of their electronic cigarettes are fairly standard 501 products, but there is something sleek and sophisticated about the use of all white throughout the design. The e-liquid they offer is also made 100 percent in America and up to American FDA standards. It’s some of the purest e-liquid that you can find online and it comes in a huge variety of enjoyable flavors and strengths. If it’s your first time using an electronic cigarette, then you’ll find their starter kits are particularly useful and affordable.

Green Smoke.
A relatively new competitor in the world of electronic cigarettes, these guys are not to be underestimated. They have used the internet to their advantage and created a strong online presence, which is perfect for the many shoppers who purchase their electronic cigarette products online. Green Smoke focuses on creating exceptionally high-quality flavors that, in turn, produce a quality vaping experience. You’ll actually feel like you’re getting more vapor for your money with each puff than you would with almost any other electronic cigarette. Their cartomizers are said to be equivalent to 30 regular cigarettes, which is a good 10 cigarettes more than most of the leading electronic cigarettes.
Green Smoke adds its name to the growing list of e cig

V2 Cigs.
If you’re new to vaping, you’ve still probably already heard about V2 cigs. These guys are one of the biggest brands in the market of electronic cigarettes. Does that make them the best? That’s something only you can decide for yourselves. They are rated number 1 according to popular vote, but everyone is different and has their own preferences. If it’s online ratings that impress, their website has the number 1 rating on Alexa as the most popular website for electronic cigarettes. Why are V2 cigs so popular? Probably because of the large variety of flavors they have available, many of which taste exactly like an actual cigarette, which is something a lot of smokers find preferable. They also have some of the best prices in the market. Their products are extremely affordable and come in a variety of kits, packages, and deals.